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Fragment 6 is an attempt at doing a first person platformer in VR. It's just a basic prototype.

Ideally, while being 100% comfortable, the game would provide timing sensations, "speed" sensations, and the joy of overcoming "platformer challenges". It's still a bit vague, I'm working on the design pillars.

Basically, the goal is to explore locomotion in VR, a very important subject!

This Fragment is here for "archiving" purposes. It does not meet the goals listed above, but some testers found it interesting already.

There are 2 levels for ~10mn of gameplay, you can aim for 100% collectibles. Each level can be speed run in less than 2mn.

If you happen to test this experience, I'm very interested in your feedbacks, do not hesitate to post a comment here on itch. :)

Install instructions

If you're using an Oculus Quest over Virtual Desktop, the correct download should be the SteamVR-WithOffset one.


fragment-6-windows-oculus.zip 153 MB
Version 2 May 07, 2021
fragment-6-windows-steamvr.zip 152 MB
Version 1 May 07, 2021
fragment-6-windows-steamvr-withoffset.zip 152 MB
Version 1 May 07, 2021

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