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Talk with God! It seems nice.

Fragment 4 is a short VR experience experimenting with interactive dialogue techniques. You will have to actually talk! But it's not based on speech recognition.

It's basically an attempt to do VR dialogue a tiny bit differently.

Better experienced with headphones to prevent audio feedback in the mic.

Expected play time: < 5 minutes

It's the fourth of multiple fragments exploring simple and short concepts in virtual reality.

I struggled a lot with this one, it's not very polished because of self-imposed deadlines, and the simple fact that I did not really know what I was doing when starting.

My goal is to be able to release game-jam-like (maximum 2-3 days of development) short experiments in the following weeks. Fragment 4 took a bit less than 3 days to make. I did not know exactly where I was going before the end of it (the interaction was not clear when starting the project).

I hope you will enjoy it!

You can find other fragments here!



Music: On the Island - Godmode


fragment-4-windows-steamvr.zip 186 MB
Version 3 Apr 08, 2021
fragment-4-windows-oculus.zip 187 MB
Version 3 Apr 08, 2021

Install instructions

Please use headphones, and ensure your headset microphone is the default one on Windows settings!

If you are using a Quest over Virtual Desktop, download the SteamVR version.

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