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Fragment 2 is a short game where you use an abstract musical instrument in each hand, producing sound only when your hands are moving. It's a standing-up, "room-scale-ish" (you don't need a lot of space) experience.

Using the triggers and grip buttons as pistons, you decide which note to play (spoiler: not every notes of the scale are available).

The goal was to explore how to involve the player's body while making very simple melodies.

The original idea behind this is that by moving your hands, you grab wind, and therefore the instrument can produce sound. In the end, with the lack of signs and feedbacks (because of time), this initial intention is kind of lost. And of course, the sound is one of a basic synthesizer. So...there is that.

How to play

You will have 4 levels to defeat. How so? By playing the required melody correctly. There is a purple box on your left playing the wanted melody when you touch it.

The "melody detector" is very sensitive. If you play a small in-between note, it will be taken into account, so the game is a bit difficult at first. The technique is to stop moving very shortly just before changing your inputs.

The game shows you which notes you played, you can use that to understand how you did.

Expected play time: 10 minutes.

Of course it depends on your ability to play the instrument correctly, and the ability of this mini game to not bore you. :)

It's the second of, I hope, multiple fragments exploring simple and short concepts in virtual reality.

My goal is to be able to release game-jam-like (maximum 2-3 days of development) short experiments in the following weeks. This one took around 2 days and a half. With a lots of time lost in non working interaction ideas and debugging the mechanics. The result is not very convincing, but still, I committed to release these experiments, so, here it is!

I hope you will enjoy it!


fragment-2-windows.zip 207 MB
Version 1 Mar 19, 2021

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